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Sri Lalitha

Issue while rendering as javascript and flash

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Iam facing an issue for Dual Yaxis chart while rendering as "flash".


For the same xml, chart is rendered in different way when is use setCurrentRenderer('flash') and setCurrentRenderer('javascript').

Here is my Xml:



<chart canvasbgAlpha="0" formatNumberScale="1" sFormatNumberScale="1" sNumberPrefix="$"  borderThickness="0" chartLeftMargin="0" chartRightMargin="0" plotSpacePercent="65" showLegend="1" borderColor="FFFFFF" bgcolor="FFFFFF"  bgalpha="0,0" legendBorderColor="FFFFFF" legendBgColor="FFFFFF" animation="1" legendShadow="0" showShadow="0" caption="" xaxisname="" decimals="1" numberPrefix="" numberSuffix="" sNumberSuffix="" showPlotBorder="0" showAlternateHGridColor="0" plotgradientcolor=""  SyAxisMinValue="0" SyAxisMaxValue="200" PyAxisMinValue="0" PyAxisMaxValue="0" exportCallback="FC_Exported" exportEnabled="1" exportAtClient="0" exportAction="save" exportHandler="http://localhost/app/FCExporter.jsp" exportShowMenuItem="0" showExportDialog="0">,
    <category label="2005"/>,
    <category label="2006"/>,
    <category label="2007"/>,
    <category label="2008"/>,
    <category label="2009"/>,

<dataset parentYAxis='S' renderAs='COLUMN' color="E0A9A8" showValues="0">,
    <set />,<set />,<set />,<set />,
    <set value="2816130"/>,
<dataset parentYAxis='S' renderAs='LINE' dashed="1" lineDashLen="5" lineDashGap= "6" showValues="0" anchorSides="4" showAnchors="1" anchorRadius="1" anchorBgColor="C0504D" lineThickness="3" color="C0504D" >,
    <set />,<set />,<set />,<set />,
    <set value="2816130"/>,

<style name='myFont' type='font' color='000000' bold='1'/></definition>
<application>,<apply toObject='legend' styles='myFont'/></application>,



Please find the attached images when rendered as javscript and flash



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Since primary Y axis min and max value are being the same, Y axis values are not visible for Flash whereas JS charts does overrides the specified value.


Try removing PyAxisMinValue="0" PyAxisMaxValue="0"  from the chart element.


Hope this helps.

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