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width of bar in 2D multiseries have not fix pattern. A big problem with fusionchart

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I am using 2D horizontal multiseries bar charts. See the attached image for the problem I am facing.


I am using following attributes for the chart.


<chart caption='' xAxisName='Employees' yAxisName='Days' showValues='0' formatNumberScale ='0'
                                    showBorder='1' plotGradientColor='' maxColwidth='5'>





but If I have one value the size of bar is different. If I have 2 then size is different and so on.

I want to give a fixed size for the bar not that much fatty bar. how I can do this.



Please help and advise.



Best Regards,





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Hi Qasim,


Try using "plotSpacePercent" attribute in the chart element to control the bar width if the number of category element differs.


Hope this helps.

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