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prevent x-axis label of Column 2D chart from being truncated

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I'm using the Column 2D chart in Fusion Charts v. 3.2.4. Sometimes when the x-axis labels are too long, they are truncated with ellipsis, e.g. see the label circled below:




Even though I've added useEllipsesWhenOverflow="0" to the chart XML the labels are still being truncated, why? The chart XML is shown in full below:

   <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <chart canvasBorderColor="606060" canvasBorderThickness="1" canvasBorderAlpha="100" lineWidth="1" divLineColor="606060"
       divLineAlpha="30" showAlternateVGridColor="0" alternateHGridAlpha="5" showAlternateHGridColor="1"
       alternateHGridColor="101010" baseFontColor="666666" showValues="0" decimals="2" sDecimals="2"
       formatNumberScale="0" thousandSeparatorPosition="3" forceDecimals="0" decimalSeparator="." thousandSeparator=","
       numberPrefix="" showRTMenuItem="0" bgColor="F3F3F3" showBorder="0" xAxisNamePadding="5" yAxisNamePadding="5"
       manageResize="1" showLegend="0" caption="eCurrency Holder Distribution" yAxisName="Count"
       xAxisName="Currency Range" plotSpacePercent="0" slantLabels="1" useEllipsesWhenOverflow="0">

        <set label="long label" value="58" color="#080808"/>
        <set label="long label" value="45" color="#080808"/>    
        <!-- remainder of chart data omitted -->

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Hi domurtag,


Since you are using v3.2.4 you can use FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer('javascript'); , before rendering your chart. This would help in resolving the issue.


If still the problem persists, I would suggest you to download the latest version from the link below:


JavaScript charts long label management when compared to Flash charts are being handled without wrapping/adding ellipses. Please find the screenshot attached.




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