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Tooltips disappear when zoom line chart is zoomed

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I'm using Fusion Charts v. 3.2.4-sr1.9888 and am using the JavaScript charts renderer. When I display a Zoom Line chart, the tooltips appear when the mouse is hovered over a data point. However, when the chart is zoomed in, most of the tooltips do not appear on mouseover. If I reset the chart to the default zoom level, they appear again.


Is there a way to make the tooltips work at all zoom levels? My chart XML is show below (dataset omitted for brevity).

<chart canvasBorderColor='606060' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderAlpha='100' lineWidth='1' divLineColor='606060'
       divLineAlpha='30' showAlternateVGridColor='0' alternateHGridAlpha='5' showAlternateHGridColor='1'
       alternateHGridColor='101010' baseFontColor='666666' showValues='0' decimals='2' sDecimals='2'
       formatNumberScale='0' forceDecimals='0' decimalSeparator='.' thousandSeparator=',' showRTMenuItem='0'
       bgColor='F9F9F9' showBorder='0' xAxisNamePadding='5' yAxisNamePadding='5' manageResize='1' showLegend='0'
       caption='Number of Transactions'
       showValue='1' valueBelowPivot='1' borderThickness='0' scrollHeight='10'
       captionPadding='5' chartTopMargin='30' chartRightMargin='30' showToolTip='1' numberPrefix='' lineColor='#080808'
       drawToolbarButtons='0' yAxisName='' xAxisName='' btnResetChartTitle='Reset' btnSwitchToPinModeTitle='Pin'
        <category label=' '/>
        <set value='0'/>
        <line startValue='' displayvalue=' ' dashed='1'/>

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