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Export Chart -getDataAsCSV() -issue while fetching data

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Hello Team,


I am using javascript driven MSLine chart, I want to provide a Export to Excel feature  for my graph.


So I am using getDataAsCSV()  which gives me CSV data and I am writing data in Excel,which is working perfectly fine.


But in my graph I am plotting few  data point(Special Events) on same Y -axis value (ex:0.6) only X-axis value are changing for it, for such data point I am showing the name of Special event on tooltip of that data point.


For Export to excel I want to export that Event name which is present  in tool tip , but I am not getting that value in getDataAsCSV().


Could you please suggest me the way how can I get tooltext value in CSV ?


or is there any other way to set additional attributes for data point  level in graph Json which is not impacting on Graph GUI and is available in getDataAsCSV();



Please find attachment for My Json (Search for Special Event)




sample response.txt

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Using "getDataAsCSV()", returns data as comma-separated value representation that has been provided to the chart. The exported data does not contain any functional or cosmetic attribute that was set on the chart. 


So, "toolText" attribute value will not be exported while using the API.


Hope this helps.

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