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prevent wrapping of legend text

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I'm rendering a StackedArea2D using JavaScript (rather than Flash). As you can see in this screenshot, the labels in the legend is being wrapped, which looks ugly and makes the legend difficult to read. The chart XML follows (catategories and datasets omitted for brevity):

<chart canvasBorderColor="606060" canvasBorderThickness="1" canvasBorderAlpha="100" lineThickness="0.5" 
captionOnTop="1" divLineColor="606060" divLineAlpha="30" showAlternateVGridColor="0" alternateHGridAlpha="5" 
showAlternateHGridColor="1" alternateHGridColor="101010" baseFontColor="666666" showValues="0" showToolTip="1" 
pixelsPerPoint="1" decimals="2" sDecimals="2" formatNumberScale="1" forceDecimals="0" decimalSeparator="." 
thousandSeparator="," showRTMenuItem="0" bgColor="F9F9F9" showBorder="0" xAxisNamePadding="5" 
yAxisNamePadding="5" manageResize="1" showLegend="1" thousandSeparatorPosition="2,3" 
caption="Currency Distribution" numberPrefix="$" adjustDiv="0" yAxisMaxValue="100000000.00" 
yAxisName="Currency Supply" legendNumColumns="2" interactiveLegend="0" labelStep="8" 
legendPosition="BOTTOM" minimiseWrappingInLegend="1" legendIconScale="0" stack100Percent="0" 
showPercentValues="0" showPercentInToolTip="0"> <!-- categories and datasets omitted --> </chart>

A lesser problem is that a gradient is being used for the series fill colors, is it possible to use a solid color instead?

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The labels in the legend when too long or if you have a lot of items in legend (i.e., a lot of data-series) and not enough space on the chart, the legend automatically shows up the scroll bar. We tried and replicated a sample with the chart XML provided by you(screenshot attached). The chart is rendered with decreased width and long legend labels automatically shows a scroll bar. 


Could you let us know the version used at your end ?


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