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prevent truncation of tooltips

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I'm rendering a ZoomLine using JavaScript (rather than Flash). As you can see in this screenshot, the tooltips for data points that are close to the y-axis are being truncated because there is not enough space between the data point and the y-axis to display the full tooltip. I looked for an option to change the z-index of the tooltip, or add some left padding, but didn't find anything. The chart XML follows (I've omitted the categories and dataset elements for the sake of brevity

<chart canvasBorderColor="606060" canvasBorderThickness="1" canvasBorderAlpha="100" lineThickness="0.5" captionOnTop="1" 
divLineColor="606060" divLineAlpha="30" showAlternateVGridColor="0" alternateHGridAlpha="5" showAlternateHGridColor="1" 
alternateHGridColor="101010" baseFontColor="666666" showValues="0" showToolTip="1" pixelsPerPoint="1" decimals="2" sDecimals="2" 
formatNumberScale="0" forceDecimals="0" decimalSeparator="." thousandSeparator="," showRTMenuItem="0" bgColor="F9F9F9" showBorder="0" 
xAxisNamePadding="5" yAxisNamePadding="5" manageResize="1" showLegend="0" thousandSeparatorPosition="3" 
showValue="1" valueBelowPivot="1" borderThickness="0" scrollHeight="15" compactDataMode="0" dataSeparator="|" 
captionPadding="25" chartTopMargin="20" chartRightMargin="30" numberPrefix="" lineColor="#080808" 
drawToolbarButtons="0" yAxisName="Transactions" xAxisName="Time" btnResetChartTitle="Reset" 
btnSwitchToPinModeTitle="Pin" btnSwitchtoZoomModeTitle="Zoom">
  <!-- categories and dataset elements omitted -->

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Hope you are keeping well! Thank you for your patience.
Could you please upgrade your current version to the latest, i.e, FusionCharts Suite v3.6.0 released recently.
You can check with the version history from here: http://www.fusioncha...ersion-history/

Also, we have released updated plugins, wrappers and export handlers which can be checked from here:
To avail this licensed release, you would need to re-Download the entire package from the My Orders section of FusionCharts Product Update Center.
To download the Evaluation version of FusionCharts Suite XT v3.6.0, please visit the link:
Hope this would resolve your issue. If you require any further assistance please do drop us a mail.

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