Microsoft Surface Pro, Chrome, Funnel/DragNode Links Not Working

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We use links in many chart types, but they are not working in Funnel and DragNode charts for this configuration:


Fusion 3.4.0, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Chrome 38.0.2125.111m


Here is example json for a funnel chart:


{"chart":{"caption":"Count On Bug Id","subCaption":"by Status","chartTopMargin":0,"is2D":0,"isSliced":1,"streamlinedData":0,"showLabels":1,"showValues":1,"forceDecimals":0,"forceXAxisValueDecimals":0,"forceYAxisValueDecimals":0,"numberPrefix":"","numberSuffix":"","bgAlpha":0,"showBorder":0,"numberScaleValue":"1000000,1000","numberScaleUnit":"M,B","decimals":3,"animation":1,"defaultAnimation":1,"manageResize":1,"useEllipsesWhenOverflow":1,"captionFontSize":12,"subCaptionFontSize":12,"baseFont":"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif","baseFontSize":12,"baseFontColor":"222222"},"data":[{"toolText":"Pending Dev Push, 1.3%","label":"Pending Dev Push","value":"1","link":"j-$.onx.chart.filter-94_04d4a651-76ce-497d-8b72-35487ea0da90"},{"toolText":"Awaiting Test, 2.7%","label":"Awaiting Test","value":"2","link":"j-$.onx.chart.filter-94_7434fa92-922b-4b3d-ba79-b5201f3f8746"},{"toolText":"Passed Test, 96%","label":"Passed Test","value":"72","link":"j-$.onx.chart.filter-94_e05ff384-91aa-4814-8b96-83e2a48c7476"}]}}


The slice animation does occur, but the javascript function referenced in the link does not run.


The exact same json works fine using the Surface with IE11 and using the same version of Chrome on non-Surface Windows 8.1.



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Fusion Team - 


This bug ALSO exists in version 3.5.  Per your instructions of trying 3.5, we very quickly discovered two additional bugs within 5.0 that are logged here:


Funnel 3.5.0, streamlinedData=0, Cannot read property 'fontSize' of undefined
DragNode 3.5.0 cannot drag without link firing


Can you provide a patch to 3.4 to address this issue as 3.5 has additional bugs preventing us from using it.


Finally - just a suggestion to take it or leave it.  Before asking your clients to test new versions to determine if bugs still exist, I would recommend testing them on your own first.  When I read your post asking us to evaluate the newest version, I first thought perhaps you knew it was fixed and suggested trying 3.5.  Upon discovering the bug was not fixed, I have the feeling that you didn't know if it was fixed or not and that I was testing it for you. 



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Hi Matt,


Apologies for the inconveneince.


The issue related to DragNode/Funnel will be fixed in our next release.


For the issue faced in Surface Pro, in FusionCharts Suite, we just handle either of the touch events or mouse events, not a combination of both the input or multiple input devices. 

However, similar issue will not be faced in Firefox/Internet Explorer because touch events will not be fired. Chrome browser raises those touch events and hence only touch is being handled. As of now, it is a known limitation. We will be working on it in the first quarter of 2015.


Hope this helps.

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