Export failing with exportChart()

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I am using server-side export to export a chart to disk.  When I right-click on the chart and select SAVE AS JPG everything works as expected.


When I click a button that calls  myChart.ExportChart(), the progress bar goes to about 5% then disappears.  I get no JPG. FCExporter.aspx does not get called.



I am using version 3.2.1.


Thanks in advance for any help.  Merry Christmas!




I tried to paste my code here, and could not.  I also tried uploading a text file without success.





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Now it won't let me edit my post. I could paste if I used Firefox instead of IE.


Here is some additional info.  I do have registerWithJS turned on.



<script type="text/javascript">
        var myChart = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/Pie3D.swf", "myChartId", "750", "400", "0", "1");
    myChart.setXMLUrl("<%= Charter.ChartDataFileWebPath  %>");


Here is my XML:


<?xml version="1.0"?>

-<chart exportFileName="0sdwawo1jyv"


exportAction="save" exportAtClient="0" exportEnabled="1" showPercentInToolTip="0"

numberSuffix="%" pieRadius="180" pieYScale="60" showBorder="1" baseFontColor="000000"

baseFontSize="12" baseFont="Verdana" caption="Employed Graduates, N = 636">

<set value="3" label="College Administrator"/>

<set value="58" label="College Faculty"/>

<set value="21" label="Non-Education"/>

<set value="7" label="Other Education"/>

<set value="12" label="Postdoctoral"/>






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Hi Dennish,


Could you please try upgrading to our latest version of FusionCharts and cross check if the issue still persists?


The evaluation version can be downloaded from the link below.


The upgrading steps can be followed from the documentation link below.


With our latest version to setup a private export server in ASP.NET, you will need the official ASP.NET export handler provided in the FusionCharts package. The export handler will provide the necessary files to configure the export server. It will handle all requests sent by the user for exporting and generate the chart in the requested format.


Please refer the documentation below for reference.


Hope this would resolve your issue. If the issue still persists please do drop us a mail.



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Thanks for your reply.


I am working on installing the upgrade now.  I see it no longer uses Flash.  The only reason we needed to export is because the charts will not print in FireFox or Chrome due to lack of Flash printing support, so this is good in more ways than one.


Thanks again!



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