Angular Gauge set values beyond max to max limit

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When a value is beyond the max limit, I want the gauge tick to be at the maximum limit . Is this possible using the Angular Gauge ?






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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


In Angular Gauge, it is possible to set the dial value to the maximum limit when the value is beyond maximum limit using the FusionCharts API setData().


Syntax: setData(dialIndex, value)

Description: This method sets the data for the given dial index on the chart. The first dial is represented by index 1, second by 2 and so on.


Also, you can change the maximum limit value dynamically using FusionCharts API setChartAttribute() .


Syntax: setChartAttribute(attributes, value)

Description: Updates a chart's data attributes with the new attribute-value pair. In other words, it updates a chart's data definition root.


A sample has been attached for the two possible cases suggested.


Hope this helps. :)

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