Aditya Upadhyaya

Chart Data is not coming right though query is fine.

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My FChart is taking data from database and plotting it, But for 1 of the legends i am getting incorrect data as in whole data is shifted down by 1 row in table, means 3rd bar in my chart is picking up the data from 4th row of the table, same is happening for the remaining bars also bt when i am running the same query in dbvisualizer i am getting the correct output. Anyone with any helpful suggestions??

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Hi Aditya,


Could you please check on your code if you have missed out any category level (label) while converting the data from database to JSON/XML format? 


It might so happen that some category level data is missed out on iteration of the chart data.


If the issue still persists do share with us your scaled down code part so that we can assist you accordingly.


Awaiting for your response.

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