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X axis Text Label length to be fixed to specific length

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Hi Friends,


I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1.

In Stacked Column 2D chart usage,I want to know the Exact Property(or combination of multiple properties) which will enable me to limit the Labels(Long Text Values) to a specific length(or lines).


As of now because of Long text labels The chart height is getting reduced a lot and the "showSum=1" values are not showing up.When text labels are shorter then "showSum=1" values are displayed.


We have tried the various values for "labeldisplay = AUTO, WRAP, STAGGER, ROTATE, NONE" but none these values is giving the required output.


Kindly give a solution for this urgent requirement.





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Hi Ravi,


Can you please make use of the "maxLabelHeight" attribute in the chart element. It takes values in pixels. This attribute can be used to set the maximum height for the x-axis labels (data labels) excluding the x-axis title. If any label goes beyond this height, the label will be truncated. In stagger mode, the number of stagger lines will be reduced if they exceed this value.


Please refer the fiddle below for its implementation


Hope this would resolve your issue. If the issue still persists or if the we missed out anything please share a screenshot highlighting the issue so that we can assist you accordingly.



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