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Is it possible to change the chart output to a PNG, instead of an interactive SVG?


I have used FusionCharts to create an awesome chart, however some implementations (including in a PDF or email for example) require that the chart be a static image, ideally a PNG file.  I know that the user can have an option to export their chart as an image manually, but I need the website to create the image automatically and then save it to my server.  Is there a way to output an entire chart as a simple image in these scenarios?


Thanks in advance :)

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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


You can try setting the attribute "exportAction":"save" in the chart element of your XML/JSON data.


And as a suggestion, the scenario you have mentioned can be done via  Inkscape and ImageMagick in PHP. 


You can set up a private export server in PHP. Refer this link for the same: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/tutorial-interactivity-exporting-as-image-and-pdf-setup-private-export-server-php.html


Also, please confirm if you are using ASP.NET for rendering and exporting of charts.


Awaiting response.

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