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Alexey A

Connectors are not generated on the map

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I have a problem with connectors on the map

I have simple javascript code and the chart xml in the code.

The connector is not shown on the map. The html page with javascript code you can see in attached file

What I do wrong in definition?


Best regards, Alexey






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Hi Moonmi,

thank you for your reply.

Your sample works fine.


The problem is in parsing xml data source.

If you get data form chart object in my sample  by "getJSONData" then you can see that property name for connectors array is "connector" instead of valid name "connectors".

In this case connector's sections ignored.


My workaround for xml data source: I will use tag name 'connectors' for each connector on the chart.

In this case property name in JS object is properly defined 'connectors'


Best regards,


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