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Recreating chart using same ID breaks rotation

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Hi. I thought I'd put this in Miscellaneous as I'm not sure if it's a bug or just me doing it wrong! I am creating a chart via Javascript, then destroying it and recreating it using the same ID, like this:

if (FusionCharts.items['myChart1']){

This works - the chart is recreated and I don't get any errors. However something along the way is breaking the chart's rotation feature - it still responds to the mouse being dragged around, but it rotates in an erratic way.


If a clearer explanation is required please let me know.


Many thanks,


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Calling dispose() function on an instance of FusionCharts disposes the chart completely. This removes it from the DOM tree and also clears the entire chart object. As such you have to create a new instance of the chart and render it again.


We have tried to replicate your issue but are not getting the problem you have stated.


Please send us a sample of your code also let us know which version of FusionCharts you are using.



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