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Labels in MS Bar 2D charts do not wrap

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I'have a multiseries  bar 2D chart, with 'maxLabelWidthPercent' set to 50. As the chart is multiseries, there is space for the labels to wrap and Split in two text lines, however this does not happen.


In the second ítem of the attached file, you'll see what I mean.


Please, could you help me understand what is going on, and what can be done to have the whole label displayed in multuiple text lines?


Thanks for your support,






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Hi Jordi,


You can make use of {br} tag in between the labels to break it into separate lines. We do not yet support any attribute to break labels into separate lines as by default they tend to appear as ellipses when the label names are too long. On mouse hover the the full label name is displayed.


Ref. fiddle:


Hope this helps.

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