Heat map: Suppress white rows icw Dynamic legend

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I am using a heat map showing data of a number of items versus a particular period in time.
I am using the heatmap per category and I use 3 different colors for the cells. These colors are represented in a dynamic legend.

When using the legend I see the cells become white when I turn the legend off. In certain cases the total row of this map is white. In these cases I would like to hide the entire row. This doesn't seem possible after the chart has been rendered. I tried to determine this distinction upfront (and used a static legend) by not taking certain items into account but this is bad for performance and quite hard to put in all the logic (in my case). Does anybody have a clue if this is possible?   

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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


Hiding the entire row after the legend is off is not possible using FusionChartsv3.7.1.


In this chart type it is not possible since the category and values placed are not always row wise so white color is added for this and hiding functionality has not been added.


Hope this helps.

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