Multi Series chart- defaulting to plot certain datasets

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Hi there,

I love the product, but I've run into a configuration issue that I'm not sure there's a solution for.  Currently, when I set up a multiseries chart each dataset is plotted as soon as the chart is loaded.  You can then click on the label to check or uncheck a particular data series, which removes it from the chart.  I'm trying to set up a chart that has a TON of datasets (think 50ish), and would like to either default it so that only one is displayed on chart load, with the user having the option to add others when they want.  Alternatively, is there a "check all" or "uncheck all" option?  If all of them get loaded at the same time it would be nice if to clear them all out at once, rather than having to click on each individually.


If anyone has any advice on this I'd love to hear it!


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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum.


Using the attribute "initiallyHidden" helps to initially hide a dataset on chart loading.


Works from the dataset object level in JSON data. Set it to 1 to hide the plots of a series initially, on chart load. Default value is 0 for all series and they show up initially. 


Refer this link of JSFiddle for the same: http://jsfiddle.net/vishalika/dF8Nc/6/


Hope this helps.

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