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Can msbar2d charts have a fixed space for labels?

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I'm building a Dashboard where I need to place several ms2dbar charts one under the other (as if each chart was a row in a one column table).


The problem that I'm facing is that for each chart, the width of the area reserved for the labels depends on the length on the labels. This makes the bars to horizontally start at diferent positions for each chart, which makes the dashboard look pretty messy.


Is there a whay to specify a fixed width for the area where labels are displayed (in either pixels or % of the total chart width)?



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Could you please try out the "maxLabelWidthPercent" attribute in your chart element and set a value accordingly. This attribute restricts the maximum length of data labels in terms of percentage of the charts width that the data labels can occupy. If a data label is longer than the specified percentage width then it will either be wrapped or get truncated, subject to availability of vertical space. Unnecessary space is not reserved for the data labels, in case all of them are shorter than the specified maximum width.


If we are missing out anything, please share a screenshot highlighting your requirements along with the scaled down chart data.



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