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tooltip not working in google chrome

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We are working with FusionChart 3.4.0.  We have a simple chart that contains a tooltip.


For some persons under google chrome (43.0.2357.134 (64-bit)  at least windows and linux) they do not see the tooltip.  We have investigated the issue on our side and figured out that the issue is that the element #fusioncharts-tooltip-element never gets updated. In firefox, the #fusioncharts-tooltip-element element changes each time a circle is hover to create the tooltip; for some person in chrome, it does not change.  Anyone knows how to solve the issue?


You will find bellow a very small xml blob defining an example.


many thanks,



<chart baseFontColor="666666" showLegend="1" showAboutMenuItem="0" anchorAlpha="0" showToolTip="1" plotSpacePercent="70" formatNumber="1" drawAnchors="1" labelStep="1" showValues="0" SYAxisMaxValue="15000.0" setAdaptiveSYMin="0" showShadow="1" adjustDiv="0" plotGradientColor="8bc53f" showDivLineSecondaryValue="1" xAxisName="Latest data is from 04/03/2015" showSecondaryLimits="1" connectNullData="1" divLineColor="666666" lineThickness="2" SYAxisName="Volume" seriesNameInToolTip="1" labelDisplay="WRAP" yAxisValueDecimals="1" exportEnabled="0" PYAxisName="Score" PYAxisMaxValue="-7.0" setAdaptiveYMin="1" showYAxisValues="1" canvasBorderColor="99978A" PYAxisMinValue="-12.0" formatNumberScale="0" decimals="1" showPlotBorder="0">
    <category label="01/03/2015"/>
    <category label="02/03/2015"/>
    <category label="03/03/2015"/>
    <category label="04/03/2015"/>
  <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Some Line" color="8bc53f">
    <set value="-9.4" toolText="Some Line, 01/03/2015, -9.4 [N=2921.8]"/>
    <set value="-9.2" toolText="Some Line, 02/03/2015, -9.2 [N=2913.7]"/>
    <set value="-9.0" toolText="Some Line, 03/03/2015, -9.0 [N=2905.7]"/>
    <set value="-9.3" toolText="Some Line, 04/03/2015, -9.3 [N=2901.1]"/>
  <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Upper Confidence Bounds" color="e0e0e0" lineThickness="1">
    <set value="-7.2" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 01/03/2015, -7.2"/>
    <set value="-7.0" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 02/03/2015, -7.0"/>
    <set value="-6.8" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 03/03/2015, -6.8"/>
    <set value="-7.1" toolText="Upper Confidence Bounds, 04/03/2015, -7.1"/>
  <dataset renderAs="LINE" parentYAxis="P" seriesname="Lower Confidence Bounds" color="e0e0e0" lineThickness="1">
    <set value="-11.6" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 01/03/2015, -11.6"/>
    <set value="-11.4" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 02/03/2015, -11.4"/>
    <set value="-11.3" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 03/03/2015, -11.3"/>
    <set value="-11.5" toolText="Lower Confidence Bounds, 04/03/2015, -11.5"/>
  <dataset seriesname="Volume" color="8bc53f" renderAs="COLUMN" parentYAxis="S">
    <set value="2921.8" toolText="Volume, 01/03/2015, 2921.8"/>
    <set value="2913.7" toolText="Volume, 02/03/2015, 2913.7"/>
    <set value="2905.7" toolText="Volume, 03/03/2015, 2905.7"/>
    <set value="2901.1" toolText="Volume, 04/03/2015, 2901.1"/>
      <style type="font" name="CaptionFont" size="12"/>
      <apply toObject="caption" styles="CaptionFont"/>

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