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I am using colabion pie charts to display my data.


I am using four pie charts in a row. but these charts radius changes randomly.

Is there any way to fix the radius of these charts.





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Hi Amit,


Thanks for writing to us!

Yes, you can fix the radius of your pie charts. To do so please follow the below steps:


1. Click "Edit Chart" for your pie chart to launch the Collabion Charts for SharePoint Wizard.

2. Select the "Labels, Values and Tool-tips" section under "Chart Configuration".

3. In the "Labels, Values and Tool-tips" section, select the "Pie/Doughnut" tab.

4. In the "Pie/Doughnut" tab, you can enter your preferred radius in the "Pie Radius" setting under "Common properties".


Repeat the steps for the other 3 charts to achieve same results.


Hope we were able to solve your issue! Please do let us know if you have any further queries.

Till then, Happy Charting!



Arkaprovo Naha

QA Lead, Collabion Charts for SharePoint

Edited by Arka Naha

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