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Hi all,


Ok so I have a page and that page has multiple stacked bar charts. The charts, while reporting across the same data are exceedingly different in general data range.


Some sections will often report in just the tens to hundreds while others will spiral up to the thousands and tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands. So even though they share the same parent data set as it were its not viable to show them in the same chart as the data itself isn't directly related between groups and some groups will have such high figures it will render the data with a lower range completely illegible.


The PROBLEM is that it looks exceedingly untidy. The labels on each bar are different, some short, some long. As a result some label areas are taking up say 5% of the available space, some 10% and some 15% making it all look exceedingly untidy and mismatched.


I've tried padding the labels with spaces and separating on to lines but of course the font used in the charts isn't a monospaced so.... the results are less than perfect. I've tried using maxLabelWidthPercent but thats resulted in..... not a lot and anyway, thats only setting the maximum, not what it'll actually take. I've tried the last in conjunction with useEllipsesWhenOverflow - again to no avail. 


Please see attached to see what I mean if that wasn't clear enough. Red lines added to emphasis the issue.


Any advice?




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The solution I've gone with in the end is setting the baseFont property to Consolas - a monospaced font - and padding where appropriate. Though honestly this feels like more than a bit of a hack and rather untidy.

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Alignment of chart is not possible natively using FusionCharts suite, if you are using multiple chart types. In the scenario you described alignment depends upon various factors left margin, concentration of labels in chart. You have also used several breaks in labels which also cause misalignment of charts.

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