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Export multiple charts together, with HTML markup around them

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we have a case when multiple FusionCharts charts are rendered on a single HTML page. We have three charts (standard 2D bar charts) on the page, in separate <div> elements.

Now, we have to offer export/download for this entire page.

Exporting a single chart is not an issue, and we have that already implemented elsewhere in our application. But, this case is different.


Question: Does FusionCharts offer a way to export entire page with multiple charts at once, and offer it for download as JPEG/PNG/SVG/PDF? In other words, is it possible to export entire page the same way we can do it for individual charts?


We are checking some 3rd party tools but wanted to know if FusionCharts provide a solution on their own.


We're using ASP.NET MVC on the server side, and a recent FusionCharts XT version, v3.9.0.


PS: We hoped that "batch export" could help us, but it seems that is not an option anymore.


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