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jQuery compatiblity

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I am using version 3.3.0 release.18739. Is it compatible with jquery 2.x? If not, what is the latest jquery version that's supported and is 1.9+?


I also have FusionCharts 3.3.1 SR1 19666. Does it have the same jquery requirementts as Maps?



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Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!!


Please note support for rendering of charts, gauges, and maps in Adobe Flash has been deprecated since v3.4.0 or higher versions. SWF files are not needed after upgrading to v3.4.0 or higher.


The FusionCharts Suite XT jQuery plugin allows you to use jQuery syntax to render and manipulate your charts and graphs seamlessly across all browsers and devices.


It helps you add interactive JavaScript charts to your web and mobile applications, combining the delight and comprehensiveness of the FusionCharts Suite XT with the easy-to-use jQuery syntax.


FusionCharts JQuery Plugin can be downloaded from here. Documentation:


Hope this helps.

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