drawing lines of zoomscatter charts

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I am trying to create a scatter chart that also has a trend line following it. In some cases, for example in the image, the trend line is not linear. I know I can replicate this example in a normal scatter chart, by adding the trend data to the dataset and setting drawLine=1 and drawAnchor=0, but I need the zoom functionality for my application. 




Is there a way to add this sort of line to a zoomscatter chart (or another chart with zoom functionality).


Also of note is that the datasets I will be representing typically do not have a common set of x values, which as far as I can tell rules out the use of a chart that relies on categories for the x value.


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Zoom Scatter chart is used to plot huge data sets i.e around million data points and, adding line for data sets will affect the visualization and chart will not look good visually so, it do not support `drawLine` attribute. 

Also, adding line will affect the performance of the chart.

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