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I am relatively new to SharePoint and Collabion Charts and as many before me have been thrown into the deep end so this maybe something simple I am overlooking.


I have been creating a dashboard consisting of multiple charts with filters in SP2010. I have finally finished the dashboard and wanted to check that the filters were correct.  However, once I saved my changes all the charts no longer display any data, there is just a blank space where the charts should be!  The charts have been displaying whilst I have been creating the site and whilst I saved along the way.  So why is it different now? If I go back into edit mode, select edit chart and press 'finish' the chart appears.  It then disappears when I save the edits.


I have already created a smaller dashboard without this issue. I have had colleagues check the site and they too are unable to view the chart.  Usually when a chart does not display there is an error message such as 'No data to display' or a message saying 'Retrieving data'. The web part has not been 'minimised'.  I do not want to have to delete the chart and retry since it takes so long to create and attach the filters. Can anyone help?

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