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Scatter Chart Performance issues

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Using 3.10.1, (cannot upgrade at present due to issues cited in


We are trying to render a chart with 3600 points per series with multiple series as a line connecting the points, with anchors not visible at first but visible when hovered over and with tooltips displayed.


With drawAnchors=1 the charts are taking greater than a minute to load but with drawAnchors=0 they take less than 10 seconds.

The performance of drawAnchors=0 is ok but this does not allow for tooltips to be displayed to the user.


We have tried using msline2d and scrollline2d, but noticed even worse performance. We cannot use zoomscatter as in 3.10.1 drawLines is not present for that chart. (cannot upgrade due to issues cited in above post).


Can you suggest any ways to achieve better load times with tooltips enabled?


Attached is a sample of the data we are trying to display, (drawAnchors=0 is set)


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