"alpha","plotbordercolor" not working in dataset object

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I am using the "stackedbar2d" chart as in the following jsfiddler



If you notice, in the dataset = "PERCENTAGE", I am using "alpha"=0, and plotbordercolor="#FFFFFF". But still, I can see border around this dataset, before upgrading it used to work.


Another thing, the first dataset, the border is not showing completely, it is breaking from start. Please see details in the image below.




So, My main Issues:

1. Incomplete border in the first Datset

2. Alpha attribute in last dataset.

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You could achieve your 1st requirement (complete border in the first Datset) ,
 by setting  "showXAxisLine" attribute as "1" in chart attribute , as data plot of stacked chart is a plot of columns, which consist 3 side.
The 2nd requirement (Alpha attribute in last dataset) can be satisfied
 by  simply removing "plotBorderAlpha" from the chart attribute.
Please refer the fiddle below for implementation.
Hope this helps.

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