Iñaki Torres

plotToolText not working to print custom divs in dataset

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We want to use the plottooltext in the dataset to make custom div, but our code is not working. I have tried in a fiddle but, there works fine. (http://jsfiddle.net/8PRbM/31/), and in our code doesn't work.

"plottooltext":"<div class='grafica_mensual_gc_area'>customvalue<\/div>",

we are using fusioncharts.js and fusioncharts.charts.js


Also we have detected that a few error in console related to js:

fusioncharts.js -> TypeError: FusionCharts.register is not a function line 28 columns 212

fusioncharts.charts.js -> TypeError: na.register is not a function line 6 column127


Comment if you need something else.

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