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Does decimals='0' work for percentages in 3D pie charts ?

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I display a 3D pie chart passing it integer values as data values and with among the parameters :


showPercentValues='1' decimals='0' forcing it to display the percentage next to each pie slice.




However the percentages displayed in the chart still display two decimals?




Does the decimal='0' not work for percentages ?




Thanks in advance,



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Could you please check again whether you are using decimals='0' ?

Please alos try this XML :

<chart decimals='0' showPercentValues='1' >

  <set label='France' value='17'  />

  <set label='India' value='12' />

  <set label='Brazil' value='18' />

  <set label='USA' value='8' isSliced='1'/>

  <set label='Australia' value='10' isSliced='1'/>

  <set label='Japan' value='16' isSliced='1'/>

  <set label='England' value='11' />

  <set label='Nigeria' value='12' />

<set label='Italy' value='8' />

  <set label='China' value='10' />

  <set label='Canada' value='19'/>

  <set label='Germany' value='15'/>


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I'm sorry to have taken up your time.




It indeed works as expected.




Problem was that I was displaying more than 1 pie chart under each other (and was setting the decimal='0' only after the first pie chart was displayed (so the default was changed too late in the process).




Thanks for the great product and for the prompt reponse.





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