Problem on DrillDown based on Text

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i have a list with the following data (small export) as attached


I want a Chart which is based on a monthly base and a DrillDown
1st Chart: Group: Date (Month) / Series by Department --> This works fine
2nd Chart (DrillDown): Drilldown by Department -> Results in an empty chart
3rd Chart (DrillDown): Drilldown by Trend -> Couldnt check because the error in 2nd chart
What is my Problem? I understand that it is possible to make multiple DriiDowns. But based on Text-Information it doesnt word :-(





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Hi David,


Thank you for writing to us.

In the parent chart, the data is grouped by dates and plots the count of Departments. In the first drill-down level, the grouping is done by Department name. Thus in this chart, the X-Axis has the names of Departments while the Y Axis(like the parent chart) tries to plot the count of Department for each Department- hence, this is not a valid scenario for plotting a chart, resulting in a blank chart.

In such a case, you can follow the below steps to approach the problem differently:

    1. First group your chart by date(month) but in the aggregate field, select count of "Trend".

    2. Then, in the first drill-down level, select "Department" as before.

    3. So now you have:

    Chart 1: Count of Trends per month

    Chart 2: Count of Trends per Department


Hope we were able to address your issue. Please let us know if we could be of any further assistance on this or anything else.

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