Creating Fusion Map - Beginner - Help Needed

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I want to create a simple swf file using FCMap_Europewithcountries.swf. I need to highlight only following countries in map (Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia ..etc) and leave the rest of European countries grey and disabled. So far I have tried "Creating my first map" walk through with no luck. Can someone please guide me what I am doing wrong. I am just a beginner and might need very basic answers.


I have pasted FCMap_Europewithcountries.swf file and all nesessary JS file but still getting error. Can some one please help?



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SWF files were used in flash charts and flash charts are deprecated now. FusionCharts now renders charts using pure JavaScript. I would recommend you to upgrade to latest version. If you are a licensed customer you can visit PUC portal and download latest package associated with your license else you can refer to this link to download evaluation version.


For Europe map, you can check this JSFiddle and cross check your implementation:


For more details about customizing Europe map you can visit below links:

- Specification Sheet

- Attributes


Hope this helps.

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