Error in map for Belgium

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Hi, can you please look at the following javascript (automatically generated by code to display values in the Belgium map).


map_FusionMap1.setDataXML("<map borderColor='005879' fillAlpha='70' dfillColor='D7F4FF' fillColor='eeeeee' animation='1' showLabels='1' includeNameInLabels='0' includeValueInLabels='1' showBevel='1' showvalues='1'  baseFontSize='9'   formatNumberScale='0' formatNumber='1' numberPrefix='' numberSuffix='' decimalSeparator=',' thousandSeparator='.' inThousandSeparator=',' inDecimalSeparator='.' decimals='0' forceDecimals='1' showAlternateHGridColor='1' alternateHGridColor='808080' galpha='0' bgAlpha='10,10' canvasPadding='10' canvasBorderColor='333333' canvasBorderThickness='0' numVDivLines='0' vDivLineIsDashed='1' vDivLineDashLen='2' vDivLineDashGap='2' adjustDiv='0' slabelDisplay='Stagger' labelDisplay='WRAP'  showShadow='1' showCanvasBorder='0'  showLegend='1' legendPosition='Bottom' ><colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='5' displayValue='tot 5' color='ff0000' /> <color minValue='6' maxValue='10' displayValue='tot 10' color='ff8000' /> <color minValue='11' maxValue='25' displayValue='tot 25' color='ffff00' /> <color minValue='26' maxValue='50' displayValue='tot 50' color='80ff80' /> <color minValue='51' maxValue='100' displayValue='tot 100' color='008080' /> <color minValue='101' maxValue='250' displayValue='tot 250' color='0080ff' /> <color minValue='251' maxValue='100000' displayValue='rest' color='800000' /> </colorRange> <entityDef>   <entity internalId='01' newId='1'/>   <entity internalId='02' newId='3'/>   <entity internalId='03' newId='5'/>   <entity internalId='04' newId='4'/>   <entity internalId='05' newId='6'/>   <entity internalId='06' newId='7'/>   <entity internalId='07' newId='8'/>   <entity internalId='08' newId='11'/>   <entity internalId='09' newId='10'/>   <entity internalId='010' newId='2'/>   <entity internalId='011' newId='9'/> </entityDef> <data><entity id='1' value='257' displayValue='Antw 257' toolText='257'  /><entity id='2' value='100' displayValue='Brus 100' toolText='100'  /><entity id='3' value='66' displayValue='Hene 66' toolText='66'  /><entity id='4' value='77' displayValue='Limb 77' toolText='77'  /><entity id='5' value='86' displayValue='Luik 86' toolText='86'  /><entity id='6' value='15' displayValue='Luxe 15' toolText='15'  /><entity id='7' value='48' displayValue='Name 48' toolText='48'  /><entity id='8' value='104' displayValue='Oost 104' toolText='104'  /><entity id='9' value='70' displayValue='Vlaa 70' toolText='70'  /><entity id='10' value='37' displayValue='Waal 37' toolText='37'  /><entity id='11' value='83' displayValue='West 83' toolText='83'  /></data></map>");


You will notice two problems:


1/ the region Luxemburg is empty on the map , although it should display a value of 15 : <entity id='6' value='15' displayValue='Luxe 15' toolText='15' />


2/ the region for Brussel is not color coded (but it does display the value of 100)


And one strange thing:


Your internal id's 10 en 11 are preceeded with a 0 , so are the id's 1 to 9 (but there you would expect a leading zero).




Can you please update the Belgium map as soon as possible ? This is used in an online system as click thru maps, and at the moment it is impossible to click on the luxemburg region.




Thanks in advance,



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We apologize for the mistake in the entity id for Luxembourg. It is (due to a typo) is 'O5' (capital Letter O five) instead of '05' (zero five). Could you please send your order Id, details and swf name (hopefully FCMap_Belgium.swf) to our support  : [email protected] so that we can update you with the map swf.

As for the Color Range : please make sure that that the maxValue be same as mainValue of the next color range.

e.g. <color minValue='25' maxValue='50' displayValue='tot 50' color='80ff80' /> <color minValue='50' maxValue='100' displayValue='tot 100' color='008080' /> 

Explanation :The first color range actuall encapsulates value 25 till the number just below 50 in number scale (i.e. 49.999999999999) while the second color range is from 50 till the number just before 100 (i.e. 99.9999999999).

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Just to inform you that the (corrected) map of Belgium I received a few months ago is NOT included in the latest release I downloaded last Friday (i.e. the problem mentioned before with Luxembourg is back.

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