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tick marks on angular gauge

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Hi ,

I am trying to create two fusion angular gauges and have used the same xml parameters. However, the tick marks shown on one is more than the other. i am attaching the pic to describe what problem I am running into.


Here is the list of XML parameters used as cosmetics to the angular gauge


"caption" => "Upstream Bandwidth Usage(Kbps)",
//   "showvalues"=> "1",
    //  "upperLimitDisplay"=>"0",
// "lowerLimitDisplay"=>"1",
These cosmetics are same for both the charts.
Please advise as how to make sure number of tick marks shown is same . Even better would be to just show the start and ending number.



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We checked the scenario from our end and checked that the tick marks are getting same on both the charts, to get the same number of tick marks on both gauge you can specify the number using "majorTMNumber" attribute and set it to "6", also please set "autoAlignTickValues" attribute to 0.

For further reference please check this sample fiddle link
If still you are facing any problem you can modify the above sample fiddle with your own data source and send back to us.
Edited by Ayan Bhadury

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