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Jeff Yates

Create server side images to attach to emails within C# .NET project class

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Hi there,


We have been using a FusionCharts DLL, namely FusionChartsImageSaver to generate an Image file using flash on the server (not in a browser) before we attach it to an email.


using FusionCharts; // namespace

 public MemoryStream GetChartImage(int width, int height, string chartType, string format, string chartData, bool useFlash=true)
                var memoryStream = new MemoryStream();
                var swfPath = Paths.OurPath + @"\js\fusion_charts-3.2.2\" + chartType + ".swf" : "";
                ServerSideImageHandler.ImageType imgType = ServerSideImageHandler.ImageType.JPG;
                var ssh = new ServerSideImageHandler(swfPath, width, height, chartData, "", memoryStream, imgType, 72f);
                // Begins the capture process                  
                var isSuccess = ssh.BeginCapture();
                return memoryStream;


Now that we have upgraded to the latest version of Fusion Charts 3.11.3 we would like to do exactly the same thing but without using flash and I can't find any way this is possible. 


Can you advise please? 





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I am afraid that you are using too older version please upgrade your FusionCharts to it's latest version because the Flash based version is deprecated. 


Please try to implement FusionCharts supported ASP.NET private export server. For further reference please visit


You could download the scaled down sample implementing  FusionChrts ASP.NET Private export server from the below given DropBox link.


Please check the sample and try to implement the same at your end.

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