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Discontinuous Line chart

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Hi ,

I am trying to create a discontinuous line multi series line chart. However, the line is not formed when there are no atleast  two continuous null values. With just one Null value, the result is  a bubble not a line as expected.

 I am attaching a screenshot of the same. Here on the top i want to make the line go till the 11:00 and then next at bottom to start till next data point. However, on top the line stops at  second data point and on lower line, its just a bubble. not a line  as the next value is not null value.


To feed in the data, I am using two arrays as follow



After this , there is a logic to only accept the value if its 20 or 10 in second array , else make it Null as follow

if (($transport[$i])==20)


similar goes for second line 

if (($transport1[$i])==10)


Can someone please guide through his problem?





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