How to construct multiseries line stack column chart on dual y axis

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i want to construct a multi series line and single stacked column chart with dual y axis,

i want multi series line, trend lines  on primary axis  and  single stacked column on secondary axis.

To achieve the above i found one chart type:

 msstackedcolumn2dlinedy: issue with this chart is i cannot switch axis for stacked column and line series


How can i achieve this chart?
an example would be great...



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Thanks for the query.
Your requirement is achievable using parentYAxis attribute at dataset level.
This attribute allows you to set the parent axis of the dataset - P (primary) or S (secondary). Primary datasets are drawn as on the left y-axis and secondary on the right y-axis. In 3D Column (or stacked Column) + Line Combination Charts, the columns draw against primary y-axis and the lines against secondary y-axis. In 2D dual Y combination charts, you can choose which dataset to render against which y-axis.
Please find the sample fiddle given below for the implementation.
Hope this will help.

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