How to get the filename of exported image of FusionChart in Server-Side?

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I'm using following FusionChart option to Save the image to Server-Side


  [ 'chart' => [
      "exportEnabled" => "1",
      "exportAtClient" => "0",
      "exportAction" => "save",
      "exportHandler" => "/fusioncharts/export-handlers/php-export-handler/index.php",
      "exportFileName" => $chartImagesFileName,
    'categories' => [ ['category' => $labels] ],
    'dataset' => [
      ['seriesname' => '...', 'data' => $reg],
      ['seriesname' => '...', 'data' => $billed]


$(document).on('click', '#download-csv', function(e) {
        var id = "#" + chartUid + " .fusioncharts-container div:contains('Export As PNG')" ;
        $( id ).trigger("click");

Here, /fusioncharts/export-handlers/php-export-handler/index.php is able to generate image and print the filename.

But my problem is, on triggering click, I'm unable to get the filename.

How can I resolve this issue in FusionChart?

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FusionCharts export feature is a core library function, which can be triggered by setting exportenabled to 1 at the chart level, which can be accessed from the canvas only, if you want to export chart on event click outside the canvas, you can use exportChart api method of FusionCharts.

Please refer this documentation link for details -

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