Upgrading from 3.9 to 3.12

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Hello, I have a question you people might be able to help me with, thanks in advance! I just replaced the old FusionCharts v3.9 with v3.12 but out of all maps my maps are not rendering:

fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1024 Uncaught TypeError: O.register(...) is not a constructor
    at c._createGradientLegend (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1024)
    at c.init (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:951)
    at c.init (fusioncharts.maps.js:97)
    at Object.v.createChart (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:879)
    at u.core.render (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1860)
    at a.executeWaitingCommands (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:126)
    at fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:1867
    at p (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:125)
    at success (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:126)
    at Object.A [as job] (fusioncharts.js?v=3.12:54)

Does anyone have an idea what could this be related to? Thanks!

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Please elaborate your issue and try the latest version of FusionCharts i.e. 3.12.1.

Please attach the sample you are creating with the latest version of FusionCharts.


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