Scott Pon

Can Trendlines change mid-chart?

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Lets say, I have a monthly sales chart for 2017.  I want to have a trendline that will change.  Meaning, In January-June, my goal (trendline) was $100,000 but then July to September I change my goal to $150,000.  can a trendline do that? or do I have to use a dataset series as a line to do this?  thanks.

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Thanks for the query.

Trend lines are customizable reference horizontal or vertical lines, which defines define limits and targets for the entire plot present in a chart.

Natively your requirement is not achievable.
There is a workaround available for that, please use multiple trendline with different different label.

 e.g. one trendline with a label Jan-Apr, another trendline with label May-Aug and so on.

Please refer the sample fiddle given below for the implementation.
If this does not meet your requirement, please share a screenshot of your requirement so that we can assist you further.
Hope this will help.

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Hi Scott,


We would like to add one more work-around using the Text and Line Annotations feature of FusionCharts.

To achieve your requirement, you can add custom annotation lines representing the trend-lines, and the Text annotations to add the labels for the respective lines. Please find the below sample fiddle, if it is meeting your requirement.

Fiddle :

For further reference check the documentation link for Annotations :

Also the supported list of positioning macros and the usage instructions :

Please note : Annotations are static in nature.




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