Adding text above and below trendpoints

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Hello All,

I have downloaded the trial version of fusion chart for evaluation to check if all my requirements can be acheived

I would like to know if it's possible to add text above and below each of the "trendpoints".

I have added the "displayValue" for the text above the trendpoint.

I'm trying to add text using annotations below each trendpoint, but i'm not able to get the X & Y position of each trendpoint to achieve that.

So is it possible to get the position of trendpoints or is there a better approach to achieve my requirement?.

 I have added the image for reference


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As per the image provided in your query, we presume you are using Bar(horrizontal) Chart, and natively the trend-lines in a chart is capable of displaying a single display label for a single trend-line.


However, your requirement could be achieved using the Text annotations feature. To position the Text annotation exactly on top and bottom of the trend-line, you could make use of the supported macros or by using absolute values with respect to the chart. Please refer to the documentation for further information on positioning macros for annotations :


Also find a sample fiddle of Bar Chart using annotations to display trend-line labels :

Please find the fiddle of Linear Gauge :




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