Is there any way to get chart specific customization property

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Hi Team,

I have one query related to Fusion Charts XT

we are facing problem that Fusion Charts XT has huge basic and advanced customization property and some property common for all chart and some are specific to chart

so it's difficult to us to check every single property with every chart

Is there any way to get chart specific basic and advance customization property?

looking for your response


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Hi Mahajan,


FusionCharts provides in-depth customize-able properties both at chart-level and individual data-level of the chart dataSource.


However, you can set only your required basic attributes like "captionName", "xAxisName", or "yAxisName", etc to render charts. FusionCharts internally will set the default values for all the required chart attributes, which will be overridden only if it is explicitly set by user.

Please check the sample with the minimal attribute set for visualization : http://jsfiddle.net/umvgth5b/

Also to have a predefined visualization, you can set the themes provided by FusionCharts for basic configuration. Check this link below for reference :





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