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Multiple charts print alignment issues

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Hi everyone,

I am displaying multiple charts in webpage (Pie2D charts side by side). While loading the page the charts aligned correctly but while print the page the charts are truncated and not fitting into print page. 

I am using Window.Print() for printing the page. Is any way to adjust the width/height while printing the page and reset after that? Please provide if you have any ideas.

Fusioncharts-XT (v3.12.1).

Gone through this feature, but it will not help us.








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Hi Krishna,


Please check the below sample rendering two Pie 2D charts side by side, and using window.print() to print both the charts :

Also find the attached file printed with alignment as it is rendered.


However, you can also check the FusionCharts API method - resizeTo() that could be used to set the chart with new dimensions. Check the documentation of the same below :

Hope this helps.




FusionCharts - Gallery Example - Pie 2D Chart - JSFiddle.pdf

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