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Missing Caption, Sub Caption, YAxis Label, Export Btn

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I am using the PHP Wrapper to create a multi series 3d column chart with the below constructor.  The data is charted correctly on the attached chart, however the chart is missing the caption, subcaption, YAxis label and export button.  $RptName, $Caption, $XAxisName and $YAxisName all contain alpha numeric data with no special characters.  The version of FusionCharts XT suite is v3.12.2. My json is attached.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

        $arrData = array(
            "chart" => array(
            "caption"=> $RptName,
            "subCaption"=> $Caption,
            "yAxisName"=> $YAxisName,
            "showLabels"=> "1",
            "exportEnabled"=> "1",
            "showPrintMenuItem"=> "1",
            "exportAction"=> "download",
            "exportFormats"=> "PNG=Export as High Quality Image|JPG|PDF=Export as PDF File",
            "exportShowMenuItem"=> "1",
            "exportFileName"=> $RptName . ' ' .  $StartingDate . ' thru ' . $EndingDate,
            "paletteColors"=> "#0075c2,#1aaf5d",
            "showLabel"=> "1",
            "legendBgAlpha"=> "0",
            "legendBorderAlpha"=> "0",
            "legendShadow"=> "0",
            "legendItemFontSize"=> "10",
            "legendItemFontColor"=> "#666666",
            "theme"=> "fint"
              $arrMultiSeriesData = $_SESSION['arrMultiSeriesData'];
              $jsonEncodedData = json_encode($arrMultiSeriesData);

            // chart object
              $Cht = new FusionCharts("mscolumn3d", "theChart" , 780, 390, "chart-1", "json", $jsonEncodedData);


The json is attached.



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Thanks for the query.

We have studied the code shared by you and found that the JSON encoded output does not contain the $arrData array that is why it is not showing the caption, sub-caption, and other labels.

Please check the implementation once at your end.

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