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LowerLimit higher than Upper Limit

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I am trying to post some numbers backwards and it appears that the chart has a mind of its own. The rendered code appears correctly(See Below) but the graph appears with 0 first and then creates its own set of numbers. Is it possibe to have lowerLimit higher than the UpperLimit? If not then how to you work backwards to show the higher numbers first?

<td id="tcCrewing"><object id="Crewing" codeBase=",0,0,0" height="110" width="405" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" WIDTH="405" HEIGHT="110" viewastext style="z-index:-1;">

 <PARAM NAME="Movie" VALUE="charts/HLinearGauge.swf" >

 <PARAM NAME="FlashVars" VALUE="&chartWidth=405&chartHeight=110&dataXML=<graph bgColor='FFFFFF' decimalPrecision='0' lowerLimit='464' upperLimit='0' showBorder='0' ticksBelowGauge='1' valuePadding='0' gaugeFillMix='' showGaugeBorder='0' pointerOnTop='0' pointerRadius='5' pointerBorderColor='000000' pointerBgColor='000000' annRenderDelay='0' showShadow='0' minorTMNumber='0' baseFontColor='000000' animation='0'>


<color minValue='464' maxValue='348' alpha='0'  />

<color minValue='348' maxValue='232'  alpha='0'/>

<color minValue='232' maxValue='116' alpha='0'  />

<color minValue='116' maxValue='0' alpha='0'  />



<!-- The circle which makes for the arc shape above the gauge-->

<annotationGroup id='Grp1' showBelow='0' x='210' y='-160' xScale='200'>

<annotation type='circle' radius='200' color='FFFFFF' />


<!-- The gradient rectangle which is usd as the gauge-->

<annotationGroup id='Grp2' showBelow='1'>

<annotation type='rectangle' x='15' y='10' toX='406' toY='59' color='FF0000,FCEF27,678000' />


<!-- The labels Good and Bad  -->

<annotationGroup id='Grp3' showBelow='0'>

<annotation type='text' x='40' y='40' size='10' color='FFFFFF' bold='1' label='Bad' />

<annotation type='text' x='385' y='40' size='10' color='FFFFFF' bold='1' label='Good' />





<style name='LabelShadow' type='shadow' distance='1' strength='3' color='333333' />



<apply toObject='Grp3' styles='LabelShadow' />




</graph> WIDTH="405" HEIGHT="110">

<param name="WMode" value="opaque">


Any Help would truly be appreciated.


Terry Cisco

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