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Hi Fusioncharts,

In some cases it is neccessary to provide a legend. We use the ssgrid for that purpose. But if you have more than a few values the list is getting quite huge, because it is not possible to have a multiple column layout.

Also the pagination is not possible, because it will not print the whole list.

Do you have plans to provide such a feature?

best regards,


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Hi Pallav,

If you have a chart e.g. a Pie. And this pie consist out of 20 Slices. Now you would like to have a legend, but the pie does not support a legend. So i thought to use the ssgrid swf, but here comes the problem. initially the grid shows only 10 values, the rest on a second page. But you can also set the numer of values on page. But in that case the size would be to tall for the use in a dashboard. normally a legend shows only the color of the slice and the name of the series, but supports multiple columns.

So the demand is:

it must contain initially all slices nicluding the correct color.

it must possible to customize the number of columns

it must be possible to display also the value or percentage behind 

So we have a big need of a legend component, in general we would be interested in buying such a component, or pay the development for such one.

Could you be able to provide such one?

One Addition to this issue. In general the best solution would be if all your charts would support customizable legends like Excel does for example.

Best regards,


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