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Setup FusionCharts on a FileMaker server solution?

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I am not sure the program is intended for this kind of use: I have a FM Server / client solution running on Windows 2003 Server / XP (clients). Users access FM files using TCP/IP protocol and an opener file (they do not directly have access to any server file, neither the server has any shared folder). I do not plan to access FM databases over a web server.




1.- Is it possible to deploy your software under this configuration?




2.- Where should I place the files in the server? Say I already have a FileMaker/MyDatabase folder in the server and do not want to change location of the FM daqtabase file because of the hazzle in programmed routines and client access. Can I just place your Chart folder inside and leave our databse in the original location?




3.- Should I configure the charting locally and then deploy in the server? Or may I directly program over the server? (this would be my prefered option)




Thanks in advance





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Basically, you would need to do these:

1. FusionCharts Library.fp7 needs to be uploaded to the FileMaker server. This file is present in the Charts folder that came as part of your FusionCharts download package.

2. The Charts folder containing all the .swf, .html and .js provided by FusionCharts, should be uploaded to a server so that FusionCharts Library.fp7 can access them.

To achieve this, the script InitializeFusionCharts present in FusionCharts Library.fp7 needs to be modified. In this script, the variable $$currentDir contains the path to the Charts folder. The value of this variable should be changed to the complete path to the Charts folder on the web server or file server. For example, http://myserver:80/fc/Charts where myserver is the name of the server, 80 is the port where it is running and /fc/Charts is the path to the Charts folder on this server.


3. Your database on the server needs to contact the FusionCharts Library.fp7 and perform the script InitializeFusionCharts ( as recommended in the docs).

Please refer to this thread for more details:

Please feel free to ask any more questions that may arise.


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