How to Not show colors of series which value is 0

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I'm , finally, migrating fro FusionChartsFree (Flash) to FusionChartsSuite XT

I have  StackedColumn3D Charts to show items over time
* Vertical: Amount of items in multiple Series:
           Series:  None found (Blue - value forced to 1 to show color)  // all   OK (Green)   // With Warnings (Orange)   // With Errors (Red)

* Horizontal: Time: Either Days or per hour in a day: e.g. every hour a column with the series mentioned above

==> FusionChartsFree:

When  all items in an hour are OK, the whole column is green, including the top of the 3D column

The nr of items is ~180.

Now when  there is one item with an  Error,  the   top series value (Error) will become of value '1'  and the Top of the 3D column will turn Red

If there are no items found in an hour the Bottom item is special and made of value 1 (Blue)


In the full day overview it is easy to spot the hours with  any Warnings / Errors

Even if there is only 1 in the  180, the column front side of the  Error wil be small (1 vs 179)  but the TOP will color Red from that 1 Error

==> Now in  FusionChartsSuite:

I forced  series with '0' values to  Not show the value,  so no ugly  '0'  showing up in the chart.

But the  Top of the column will ALWAYS show  Red from the Error series, even if that top value  is '0'  

Now it's impossible to see if  there is any real Error / Warning  as the Top of all columns is always Red

How can i make the  top have the color of the top series that has a value  > 0  ?

Attached screenshot of simplified charts in FS_Free and FS_Suite

Regards, Martin




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You can set alpha to 0 at data level for the plots where the value is zero and you dont want it to be shown on chart.
Refer this sample,

And if you want to hide the complete series you can set alpha:0 at dataset level for that particular series.

Share your observations,let us know if that suits your requirement.


Navdeep Singh Othee


Edited by Navdeep Singh

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