[Fusiontime] Fetch data on zoom/timerange adjustments

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we've been using fusioncharts for more than 5 years already and we're really excited about fusiontime charts. 
They fit our requirements very well because most of the time we want to display timeseries data.

We request our data with a stepping parameter to ensure we don't have to wait several seconds for the response. 
We then want to fetch more dense data when we zoom in/adjust the timerange.

Here's an example of how we would like to use it:

  1. Load data of the last 100 days with a stepping of 30 minutes for each data point.
  2. Zoom into the last week
  3. Load  (add) data of the last week with a stepping of 5 minutes for each data point.
  4. Zoom out to the last 100 days
  5. Data is already available. The dense data should be binned by fusiontime like it's already implemented.

I read the fusiontime guide but I didn't found any event or anything comparable to load data for a certain timerange.
If there's a way to do this please let me know!


Kind regards


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Hi Mnowotny,


To see the more dense or granular data on zooming in the chart is supported in FT charts and the feature is called binning.

FusionCharts supports the concept of binning that automatically groups the data for a specific period of time (For example - 1 month) based on the available pixel of the chart canvas. You can zoom in to view further granular data as the binning changes on zooming for weeks or days or hours based on the level of granularity you have in the chart data provided.

Please note : You need to provide the entire data to the chart so that it understands the level of granularity and it would render the chart with the axis accordingly.

You can also set custom binning according to your requirement. Please refer to the documentation link for configuring binning of the chart : 




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