Alex Sterling

Can you SET the minValue/maxValue of a Map's Range Legend Slider? Reading is easy enough.

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It's easy enough to read the minValue/maxValue of the Range Legend slider thanks to the events system.  However, I would like to sync an adjacent Fusionchart Map's legend based on the position a user sets the original legend position.  I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation about setting these values or controlling the Legend programmatically other than configuring it's initial state.

Any help or pointers toward the correct docs would be massively helpful!

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Hi Alex,


FusionCharts supports the API event "legendrangeupdated" using which you could fetch the minimum and maximum value of the current colorRange selected on dragging. Sample for reference :

However, it is not possible to set a color range programmatically as of now to set the same selected range on another map when dragged on your first map.




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